Weight Challenge Week 5: it's a close race.

I’ve finally hit the point where I’m just really tired of working out…I’m going to try to go to more classes this week at the gym, because it seems that those keep me going when I don’t feel like pushing myself. I will have to say that I don’t mind the food I’m eating. In fact, if I were to credit anything for any success, it would be the way I’m eating. Lots of lean protein, complex carbs (whole wheats), fruits, veggies, and lots of water….not to mention some incredible encouragement from some incredible friends who have  been even more successful than me at this same challenge! I’ve been cooking a lot more, and I’m more educated about what I’m putting into my body. It’s amazing what just a few simple changes in a person’s diet will help substantially! Just replacing all white-flour foods with whole wheat foods is a great start. Lots of lean protein combined with excersize is also great. And drinking tons of water, and only diet pop (when you have a craving for pop…in moderation), keeps my body hydrated and working properly. I will have to say it’s becoming a “lifestyle” now….but I am lacking that motivation to push myself beyond a “7” at the gym…I need to have a few “10” workouts this next week or two.

I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled with this week’s numbers, again, but something is better than nothing…so i’m not complaining! Like I predicted, my brother came back to whoop some butt. Although, in the overall totals…we are NECK AND NECK. Here are this week’s numbers…

Starting weight: 237.6
Last week’s weight: 226.8
This week’s loss: -6
This week’s percentage loss: -2.6
Total percentage loss: 7.1%
Total weight loss: -16.8
Current Weight: 220.8

Starting weight: 170.6
Last week’s weight: 160.2
This week’s loss: -1.4
This week’s percentage loss: -.9%
Total percentage loss: 6.9%
Total weight loss: -11.8
Current Weight: 158.8


One thought on “Weight Challenge Week 5: it's a close race.

  1. WOW you 2 are doing really good I’m so proud of you both,I now have a real PROBLEM you weight less than me ,oh no this is not good with the holidays coming up, and Dan’s are planning on coming Krissy and I really LIKE cheesecake,I think I’ll wait till 2010 !!!!!!!

    love ya

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