Weight Challenge Wk. 2: I won this week!!

You know how digital scales take a few times to get to the accurate reading? Well I psyched myself out this morning thinking I had lost another 3.5 pounds, but that wasn’t so. Boo. But, honestly, I figured that would be the case because I did a TON of weights this week. I actually thought I would GAIN weight this week because I had done so many weights. Luckily, I did still lose a little. Another factor that played into my win this week is the fact that my brother was super busy and also went home where my parents and his girlfriend obviously spoiled him rotten. 😉 (thanks, mom!)

Here are this week’s results:

Starting weight: 237.6
Last week’s weight: 225.6
This week’s loss: +1.4
This week’s percentage loss:-.5%
Total percentage loss: 4.6%
Total weight loss: -10.6
Current Weight: 227.0

Starting weight: 170.6
Last week’s weight: 166.6
This week’s loss: -1.4
This week’s percentage loss: .8%
Total percentage loss: 3.1%
Total weight loss: -5.4
Current Weight: 165.2

I won for the week!!!! Although, in the big scheme of things, I’m still losing. But just give it time. 😉


2 thoughts on “Weight Challenge Wk. 2: I won this week!!

  1. My brother is in general a tad too heavy. For a long time he tried to get below 100kg (220lbs). In the week he succeeded in getting below that mark, he had a medical check-up and discovered his own scale indicated a weight value about 10% too low. His joy was short lived.

    But I reckon you are using a good quality scale.

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