thoughts are stirring. nothing has quite formed yet. just thoughts. words. the sentences haven’t quite been put together. but there is this brewing in my spirit about justice. about our role as Christians. about our role as filthy rich American Christians. WHY are children DYING of starvation when we are stuffed so full every day of so much food that it makes us sick? WHY are we complaining about our tough 40 hr/wk job when there are some who are working three or four jobs just to keep their kids clothed? WHY do we spend our money on designer clothes, name brand foods, and the top of the line coffee when there are people DYING of diseases that could be CURED if they just had more resources to do the research. WHY do we sit on our fat butts watching endless hours of mindless TV, movies, and video games when there families FALLING APART EVERY SINGLE MINUTE who need someone to be WITH them, share the HOPE of Christ with them, to be Jesus in the FLESH to them.

We have been given MUCH….SO THAT…we can give to those who have little.

We have NOT been blessed because we are better. We have been blessed….SO THAT….we can bless those who are broken, weary, burdened.

We are SQUANDERING the wealth on the things of this world while ignoring the eternal souls of those around us.

HOW can we call ourselves Christians and be OKAY with this?!?



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