Come to my church?

I write this not towards other people, because the majority probably aren’t in the same situation. I write this for advice or thoughts on the matter.

Often we are encouraged to invite people to church with us. Sounds like a good idea. Currently, I’m not sure who I would invite…but if I did have someone to invite…i seem to have a problem.

Nearly every Sunday, I’m involved in serving with the media for the services. I love it. I feel like its my “sweet spot.” However, that means that I leave my apartment by 6:45 a.m. in order to get there for practice. And  then I run media for both services. I don’t have a boyfriend or husband who can sit with the people I invite. It’s just me. Do you see my problem?

Granted, there are a few weeks that I’m not serving that I could sit with someone…but what if they wanted to come back the next week? Do I ask them to sit alone? Do I ask them to sit with people they don’t know?

Like I said, unfortunately, as much as I wish I had people in my life who I feel prompted to ask to join me at church, I really don’t….YET. But if I did….what do I do?



One thought on “Come to my church?

  1. Do you have to sit in a special spot during the service? Or do you run the media just before/after the sermon, and could sit with them during the sermon portion?

    Otherwise I would probably ask them to sit with me, if that’s possible, while running the media. Or sit somewhere close. Or tell them to bring a friend too, to keep them from sitting alone.. lol.

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