Angie: You may think you’re the most awesome, deep, world-changing, Christ-following person out there….but most people can see that glaring crutch you’re trying to hide that helps you hold yourself up. [Your awful craving for attention, your pathetic dependance on that person, your sick satisfaction in that steamy love scene, your determination to prove you’re strong enough to make it on your own, your overindulgence in those nacho chips, your addiction to that corporate coffee shop, the screaming fear that pervades your every decision of action or inaction.] Everyone sees it. Give it to Christ. Stop trying to hide it, you’re really not hiding anything. Let the world see the healing power of Jesus in your life as he transforms and redeems those crutches and makes you whole again.  

Swallowing my pride and taking my own advice. Hate it (love it) when God shines his light on those hidden (not so hidden) vices in my life. Dang.


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