I used to not be a fan of the word “assistant.” Not a fan of it as a title. And not a fan of it as a job description.

I really had a beef with that word. I wont say hate, cuz your momma says hate is a bad thing….but I really disliked the word “assistant.” ok? Got it?

So why did i not-so-much-love that word? Well first off, it has a bad word in it. Ummmmmm. Naughty. Just kidding. Pardon my madness.

Ok, so in all seriousness, I didn’t like it because of how inferior it makes me feel….how it makes people view someone who is called an “assistant.” I guess there is this desire in me for greatness. But the word “assistant” just made me think that I was just some side kick. That i’m not worthy. Not quite good enough for the real deal. So i just get to assist. I’m Tim Allen’s Al Borlan. I’m Jay Leno’s Kevin Eubanks. I’m Michael Scott’s Pam Beasley. (except I tame my frizzy hair, and I try to avoid button up sweaters like the plague).

But as I kept thinking about this, God started speaking to me. It is not what I do that defines me. It is not my title that makes me who I am. And if that is where I found my worth, then I had a lot of heart issues to deal with. After all, Aaron was Moses’ side kick and his mouthpiece. John the Baptist prepared the way for One who was greater, Jesus. Paul had several sidekicks on his missions journeys. The Bible is loaded with sidekicks…assistants…whatever you want to call them.

God uses us all. And we are all magnificent in his eyes. We are the real deal to Him. We are not second class, we are not runners up, we are not inferior. We are amazing, God-gifted, unique individuals who have soooo much to offer.

I pray that I always remember this. I pray that my heart’s desire is to always be an assistant….to assist the One who has called me to fulfill the mission He has sent me on. Because in reality, we are all assistants. We are ambassadors. We are the instruments that He has chosen to use. We are not “The Big Cheeze”…..we are servants. Every one of us who follow Christ are servants.

Let us never forget that.


One thought on “Assistant.

  1. I think we all need “assistants” in life. Friends who ‘assist’ us through hard times, family members who ‘assist’ us when times are tough, and God who can ‘assist’ us daily and help us make it through the good and bad.

    Then on the other hand, like you said, we can be “assistants” to God — being His hands and feet and His tools.

    I like the way you think.

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