Lessons from Abraham: Love. Worship. Obey.

Read Genesis 22:1-19.

Love. Worship. Obey. In that order. Read it again and circle those words. Like I said…in that order.

God calls Abraham to sacrifice (literally kill as an offering) the one thing that he probably loved more than life. Isaac, this son that he had hoped and dreamed of for decades…this promised child…his one and only. Can you even imagine? Consider the one thing in life that you absolutely love beyond words, something that you couldn’t live without, something that you would die for. I have a feeling that’s probably how Abraham felt about his only son, Isaac.

But God calls him to the land of Moriah, to a mountaintop, to offer his son as a burnt offering. And so Abraham tells the rest of the gang to wait for him while he and his son go up to worship. What does worship look like for Abraham? Doing what God says. On that day, worship didn’t mean singing songs. It meant trusting God SO much that he would do exactly what God had told him to do. Which led to his obedience.

And because of Abraham’s obedience, God provided. God knew all along that he would provide a ram for the burnt offering. He chose to test Abraham.

He also chooses to test us. To test me.

I hope my response is the same: Love. Worship. Obedience.

I hope that my love for God is SO strong, SO overwhelming, SO incredibly deep that it trumps my love for anything else. I hope that my love for God surges through my veins so hard that it overshadows any other love in my life. I hope that love for God causes me to worship Him recklessly and relentlessly. I hope that my worship just explodes out of my love for Him. And I hope that love and that exploding worship envoke obedience. I hope that no matter what God calls me to surrender, to offer up to Him, to lay down, to kill in my life or my spirit or in my relationships…..I hope that my love and my worship are so strong that my obedience would follow. No. Matter. What. No matter what it is I have to give up. No matter how hard that is. No matter how much I love it. No matter how crushing it would be.

I pray that I trust God SO much to provide for my needs…physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally….that I lay down everything in love, worship, and obedience.

I know what my “Isaac” is that I need to be willing to sacrifice. Do you?


One thought on “Lessons from Abraham: Love. Worship. Obey.

  1. Alright, this hit me pretty hard, and I’m lovin’ it.

    Ang-don’t ever quite blogging because your blogs are amazing and so spirit filled..and they are probably touching so many people. one word-awesome.

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