What does heaven look like?

I’ve been serving on my church’s media team for the past few months. It’s been so fun! Recently, our leader kinda gave the media team free-reign on our creativity, so I’ve been trying out different things by designing backgrounds to somewhat be customized for the song. There’s nothing thats more annoying for a visual person than a crazy bright graphic background when you’re singing “And when I come to die, give me Jesus….” I mean, really? Does that background really fit with the message of that song? Come on, people. 🙂

So this week we’re doing a new song by Hillsong United called “Soon.” I LOVE the song. It’s probably my favorite on the entire CD. This song talks all about heaven, and how soon, we will see our King clothed in righteousness. It talks about seeing His face…about his glory and spendor. How our hearts will know Him when we stand in His presence.

How in the world do you visually depict that? Wow. It’s just too beautiful to put pictures or words or descriptions to. Can you imagine standing before the throne of the Living, Almighty God? Can you imagine saying “My heart knows you well.” Wow.

My feeble attempts to depict this scene will fail miserably in comparison to when that day does come. I pray that God works through my broken human hands to honor Him, and to honor that day that is soon to come when we see Him face to face.


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