Communication. It’s a big deal.

Communication. It’s a big deal.

And the longer that I work in a position that has “communcations” in the job title, the more I’m realizing its importance. There is an art to communication. The way things are worded is, in fact, important. And, well, I’m not sure I’ve totally figured it all out. But I’m learning a lot and getting a lot better.

Not only are words important, but the non-verbal communcation is also very important. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So even if you have the most well-written article, if it is presented in a cluttery, crammed way, it is still communicating something. If you don’t pursue excellence in all aspects, you may be sending the wrong message. Even if some of those aspects don’t matter much to you. They still matter.

If you choose not to communicate, or choose not to put forth your best effort because it’s not a priority of yours, YOU ARE STILL COMMUNICATING SOMETHING.

As they always say in marketing….it’s not what we say about ourselves that matters (church, company, product, etc.)…’s what THEY’RE saying about you.

So how can we bridge the gap between what we are saying and what they are choosing to hear? 


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