Since my last survey was such a “smashing” hit…

Top 5 priorities 6 months ago:
1. Finding a job
2. Making a good impression at my interview at PV
3. Learning how to make drinks at Starbucks
4. Letting my heart heal
5. Escaping reality

Top 5 priorities today:
1. Fall in love with Jesus
2. Make the most of every minute with friends
3. Grow as a person spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically
4. Go full time in a career
5. Wait for God’s “next thing” in my life


Person you got mad at? I’d rather not say.

Person that got mad at you? That’s a hard one. Probably my brother.

Thing you put in your mouth? a straw

Thing you said out loud? “haha. thanks”

Song you heard? I don’t remember what was playing on my radio this morning.

Time your heart was broken? Depends on what type of “broken.” 7 months ago.

Nickname you were given? Angeline –Merle

Time you worked so hard you thought you were going to die? haha…trip to Mexico last year? 🙂

Time you fell in love? Yet to happen.

Text you got? “thanks”

Text you sent? “cafe downstairs”

Wish you made on a star? You cant say that, or it wont come true


Do you love? my friends and family

Do you hate? no one

Can you never live without? Christ

Frustrates you the most? a few people

Would you take a bullet for? a few close friends, some students, and my family

Can make you laugh even if youre about to cry? Shelly Finuf


Did you do last night? ran media at KCI worship team practice

Will you do tonight? Go to First Fridays in KC

Were you doing three months ago? Working out like a maniac

Is your ringtone? I have a few different ones, but my default is Che gelide manina by East Village Opera Company

Is on your mind? I’m excited for First Fridays tonight

Do you hate so much that it makes you angry? Human ego

Would you never do, even for a billion dollars? Jump off a cliff and crash to my death

Was the last injury you got? I did a faceplant in the church parking lot a few months ago….that hurt. But it was funny. This is why I dress for comfort, and not fashion. Things always go wrong. 🙂

Are you wearing? a red striped shirt, jeans, and flip flops…its friday!!

Is wrong right now? Wow, nothing that I actually feel like i need to complain about. That’s a good feeling.

Should you be doing? Working…or trying to find something to work on…


Are you? In a cold office

Is the person you like? You tell me.

Do you live? Kansas City metro

Do you wish you lived? Someday, Colorado

Is your place in the world? Still figuring that out

Do you feel most comfortable? In the company of close friends

Will you never go again? Into the bathrooms of the girls dorm in Croc, Mexico. Well…never say never.


Are you taking this survey? Cuz im bored again

Is the world so corrupt? Sin

Is the sky blue? Would you rather it be brown?


Are you feeling right now? Kinda full…just ate a donut that my co-worker, John, brought me…so we could celebrate “Donut Day”

Long can you hold your breath? Probably a good 20 minutes. Duh, i dont know.

Much time do you waste on facebook? The word “waste” is very ambiguous.

Is your heart? At home. (isnt that where the heart is?)

Far would you travel for the one you love? As far as it takes

Would you like to spend all of your time? with friends. lol. they probably wouldnt say the same thing.


Without any vowels? NG    …dang, thats boring.

Backwards? EIGNA   …it looks like a Swedish name. 🙂


[ ]played Spin the Bottle?
[ x]toilet Papered someone’s house
[ ]played Poker with money
[ x]been tickled so hard you couldn’t talk
[ x]liked someone but never told them
[ x]went camping
[x ]had a crush on your brother’s friend
[ x]walked in the rain without an umbrella
[ x]told a joke that nobody thought was funny
[ x]been in a talent show
[ ]worn somthing your mom didn’t appove of
[ ]been to a nude beach
[ ]drank jack daniels
[ x]cursed in a church
[ x]burnt yourself with a curling iron/straightner
[ ]wanted to be a police officer
[x]dumped someone
[ x]been hit on by someone too old
[ ]wanted to be a model
[ ]bought lottery tickets
[ x]made out in a car
[ x]cried during a movie
[ x]wanted something you couldn’t have
[ ]had se on the beach
[ ]had the drink se on the beach
[ ]seen someone shoplift
[ x]hung up on someone
[ x]yelled at your pet
[ ]gotten seasick
[ x]played a prank on someone that had them really scared
[ x]been embarrassed by someone in your family
[ ]felt bad about eating meat
[ ]protested
[ x]been to an island
[ ]been in love
[ x]ate just because you were bored
[ ]screamed in a library
[x ]been dumped
[ x]wished a part of you was different
[ ]asked a guy to dance
[ ]been asked out by a really hot guy
[ x]laughed so hard you cried
[ x]went up to a complete stranger and started talking
[ x]been sunburned
[ ]threw up in school
[ ]received an anonymous love letter
[ x]had to wear something you hated
[ ]cursed in front of your parents
[ x]watched a movie that made you miss your ex
[ x]been out of the country
[ x]been honked at when you were walking down the sidewalk
[ x]went on a diet
[ x]been cheated on
[ ]been attacked by seagulls
[ x]been searched in an airport
[ x]been on a plane
[ ]been pantsed
[ ]thown a shoe at someone
[ ] broke someone’s heart
[ x]sung in the shower
[ x]bought something way too expensive
[ x]done something really stupid that you still laugh about later
[ x]been walked in on when you were dressing
[ ]been kicked out of the mall
[ x]been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back
[ ]been given a detention
[ ]fell off your roof
[ ]pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone
[x ]had a deer jump in front of your car
[ ]threatened someone with a water gun


[ x]Unwrap a starburst with your tounge
[ x]sing
[ x]open your eyes underwater
[ ]eat whatever you want and not have to worry
[ x]ice skate
[ ]sing in front of a crowd
[ x]whistle
[ ]do thirty pull ups
[ ]walk in really high heals
[ x]eat super spicy foods
[ ]skateboard
[ ]sleep with the lights on
[ x]mulititask
[ ]touch your nose with your tounge
[ ]fall asleep easily in the car
[ x]do the cotton eye joe
[ x]play ddr and not fall
[ ]surf
[ ]fit in your locker
[ ]do a split
[ x]taste the difference between pepsi and coke


One thought on “Since my last survey was such a “smashing” hit…

  1. hello, well on your have you ever Ihave18of them , on yourcan you I can 4, some of those really show my AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you can go to NJ. I talked to Katie she isn’t going .I’ll try to call you again later.

    GOD BLESS love ya bye


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