An unfortunate death

This morning as I was reading the book of Hosea, this verse struck me. God is speaking about the Israelite’s unfaithfulness and ungratefulness to all He had provided for them:

Hosea 13:13
Pain has come to the people
like the pain of childbirth,
but they are like a child
who resists being born.
The moment of birth has arrived,
but they stay in the womb!

The next verse goes on with God asking “should I save them from this death?”

I just couldn’t help but get this visual of a baby inside its mother’s womb at the time of childbirth, just kicking and screaming and trying to hold itself inside of her body. Emerging out into the world would mean certain and inevitable pain. A tightness, a pressure, an uncomfortable and surely painful passage from the home it knows, into a new world.

The home this baby knows now is one of warmth, provision, comfort. No worries, no stress. It is in a safety net of security. Of course it doesn’t want to leave. It is at home.

But to stay there means death.

Have you thought about that? I mean, a baby is created to come out. If it doesn’t come out, it dies an unfortunate death. But to emerge means pain, growth, pressures it has never known. It means it will face uncertainties, unknowns, and a world of endless threats.

But it means LIFE.

I think we all have that place of warmth, comfort, and security. It may be a job, a town, a person, a dream, a church. But God hasn’t created us just so that we can be safe and comfortable and live forever in that sheltered bubble of a life. For sure, He has blessed us with those places, people, and dreams for a season of our life to grow and develop and be nurtured….but only for the sole purpose of emerging into a grander form of Life. A life with, no doubt, an endless amount of worries and pains and uncertainties….but a life full of endless possiblities and opportunities.

Where is your place of warmth and comfort? Are you willing to emerge and step out on faith and trust God in the next phase of your life? Or would you rather risk an unfortunate death?


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