You are enough

To those of you who don’t feel like you’re enough, you are. You are enough exactly how you are. And God knew that you would be exactly where you are in your journey. You are growing. You are changing. You are becoming. And that is enough. He doesn’t expect you to be someone you are not. He does not expect you to be identical to someone else. He does not want you to be an exact replica of another person He’s created. He created you…to be YOU. You are exquisite. A masterpiece. Beautiful. Capable. And full of potential. To those of you who have been spoken lies that you aren’t worth getting to know…that you aren’t worth the pursuit…or the effort. You are. You have a world full of splendor to offer.

To those of you who have believed that you are just too much, too overwhelming, too over-the-top, too hard to handle. You are not. You are just enough. You are full of talent, beauty, wisdom, and extraordinary complexities. You have a wealth of possibilities to offer. To those of you who have believed the lies that getting to know all of you is too much work, it’s not. You are worth the time and effort and energy it will take to figure you out. Those deep, hidden, complex parts of you are beautiful and they are worth the pursuit. They are worth the energy. Don’t believe the lies that you are just too much to handle, that there is just not enough energy in the world to figure you out. You capture the beauty and complexities of God. You are worth the endless, tireless effort and pursuit to know the deep longings and inner-workings of your soul.

You are who you are, and that is enough. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t try to hide your light under a basket, thinking your radiance is just too much to bear. Be who you were created to be. Offer to the world all of the beauty and talent and wisdom and energy and radiance you were given.

How dare you be anything else than who you are.


3 thoughts on “You are enough

  1. Indeed it was. I have not finished it yet…about half way through right now…but its getting better. 🙂

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