Toilet Paper debate

In case you missed the debate the unrolled (no pun intended) on my facebook page the other day, I wanted to share with you some hilarious comments about the correct (or incorrect) way to mount a roll of toilet paper. People, there IS a wrong way…and that way is over the top. That is CLEARLY the wrong way. I do pray for everyone’s souls who have been misguided on this issue. Nightly I pray. I get on my knees and kneel by my bed and I pray to the Lord above that he will show some people the light…bring a heavenly revelation to those who have gone astray…by mounting the roll with the paper coming over the top.

[but im getting carried away]

To add a little bit of clarity and explanation to a few of the comments, a friend and I have been competing to see who can get the most comments on our facebook statuses. Perhaps we are users of our friendly facebook acquaintences. Or perhaps boosting our egos. Or maybe just having a bit of fun with it. Ha. Either way….enjoy the comments below.

OH! And you HAVE to check out the link Debbie Collin puts in her comment…someone actually wrote a blog with diagrams on this very subject! diagrams, I tell you! Oh, and the comment about the cats…so random and doesn’t make a bit of sense, but hilarious!!!!

Angie Watts
Question of the day: Should toilet paper be put on the roll with the paper coming down from the back, or coming up over the top? I think it should come down from the back. It’s possibly a sin to do it the other way. πŸ™‚

Angela Giles Klocke at 1:06pm May 19
Fire starter! (LOL — watch the debate ensue…)

Angie Watts at 1:09pm May 19
haha…im curious to see how many comments this debate will create. πŸ™‚

Craig Matlock at 1:10pm May 19 via Facebook Mobile
OVER THE TOP of course! just like everything else in our lives is.

Angie Watts at 1:15pm May 19
over the top makes me feel like its all up in my business ready to attack me or something.

Bradley Stevenson at 1:16pm May 19
Under. Reason: Cats.

Breanna Brummer at 1:17pm May 19
over the top! are you kidding! it is very much a sin going down the back!!!!!!!!!!! *mortified!*

Erin McMichael at 1:24pm May 19
I’m still trying to train my husband to put it ON THE ROLL instead of on the back of the toilet or on the ledge of the tub!!! So I could care less which way it goes LOL. As long as it’s on there!!!

Jeff Mullan at 1:43pm May 19
Hmmm…I’m going to have to say coming down from the top. If you go from the back it gets lost too easily and bunches up when you spin the roll trying to find the front.
Don’t tell Miguel, but you’re definitely killing this one.
*waves at Miguel*

Paul Klahn at 1:43pm May 19
I’m with Erin .. that roll thing is too confusing. I just want some.

Angie Watts at 1:44pm May 19
haha. Jeff, I am TOTALLY killing him. πŸ™‚

Craig Matlock at 1:53pm May 19 via Facebook Mobile
Everything confuses Paul so he gets NONE

Jeff Mullan at 2:02pm May 19
Whoever said cats as the reason for giong backwards I have to agree with.
However, owning a cat disqualifies you from having an opinion. Your cat should have taught you that week 1.
Thus it is as though that comment was never made, and it should be stricken from the record.

Terri Arnold Morris at 2:13pm May 19
I’m just relieved to find toilet paper nearby.

Craig Matlock at 2:29pm May 19 via Facebook Mobile
Is there a different answer if you have those monster rolls and have to use the extender thingy?

Angie Watts at 2:29pm May 19
jeff, your vote doesnt count anymore. πŸ™‚ cheaters don’t win. I’m still beating Migs. πŸ™‚

Craig Matlock at 2:31pm May 19 via Facebook Mobile
oops, can someone pass me a roll right NOW! don’t care which way it goes

Craig Matlock at 2:39pm May 19 via Facebook Mobile
Thanks. all better now.

Pam Watts at 2:46pm May 19
I raised my daughter right. The TP comes down from the back! Way to go, Angie!!

Brent Myers at 2:49pm May 19
from the front you wild and crazy people. come on now.

Debbie Collin at 3:40pm May 19
Over is right, under is wrong:

Angie Watts at 3:52pm May 19
that is an outrage and totally invalid and uncredible. check your sources. number one rule of communication.

Debbie Collin at 3:54pm May 19
LOL. You just wanted me to write another comment. See the light, my friend, see the light.

Heidi Hoven Watt at 11:05pm May 19
Have to say UNDER. I used to switch every roll I came across to under, but after marriage and 4 kids- just happy to have some on the roll!

Angie Watts at 8:17am May 20
haha…confession…sometimes I switch the roll too. πŸ™‚

Feel free to chime in on the discussion in the comments section below. πŸ™‚


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    love ya grams

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