I found God hangin’ in the kitchen…

When I think about where I have experienced God the most in my lifetime, it’s not typically at a big conference or even usually at a church. I think about those times that I have heard God the clearest, when I have felt challenged by Him, loved by Him, and called by Him…it was rarely (if ever) because I got a cool postcard or they had cool worship graphics.

The times I felt closest to God were in kitchens, in living rooms, in bedrooms, in bathrooms. Sitting on the countertop with my 3 other summer roommates during an internship at a church. Staying up until 3 a.m. talking about God’s calling on our lives to be world-changers. It was in a kitchen sitting on the floor crying in pain during some of the hardest times in my life, and knowing that through a friend, God was comforting me and holding me tight. It was the time that one Saturday afternoon when no one was around and I found myself on the floor in my bathroom with the lights off just screaming and crying and arguing with God. It was in that living room surrounded by some of the most inspiring, incredible women I have ever met as they shared their stories and how God got them through every season of their lives….and the moment I realized that my life wasn’t about me…and that moment changed everything. I met God in that bedroom as I sat on my bed and talked to my intern-roommates about how we were going to live like Christ the next day when we woke up.

It was in the midst of other fellow believers simply trying to navigate this world and our call to live like Christ within it. It was the constant encouragement, challenge, comfort, and camaraderie. That’s where I’ve met God. That’s where I’ve experienced Church as I think it’s supposed to be.

So what am I supposed to make of this?

The Fray sings a song about finding God in unexpected places and about God finding us. I think it could apply here.


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