I could really go for a mildly-cool, drizzly morning in my comfy pants just sitting out on my porch (it’s covered by the porch above us) enjoying the fresh rain smell, and having nothing scheduled on the adgenda. It’s soothing. Life seems to be whipping this way and that, and things just won’t sit still. Sometimes I go bored out of my mind and yet it feels like everything just keeps on changing like the sky during a tornado. Nothing seems normal. Everything seems out of whack. I long for a sense of stability again. For a little bit of peace. Peace of mind. Peace of life. Everything seems to be going crazy…and yet, nothing seems to be happening at the same time. Total state of craziness. Does that make sense?

I’m not lucky enough to get those drizzly mornings very often. But I am bless to have some amazing friends in my life who calm me down. Who tell me I’m not crazy. Who tell me it will be alright. I dont think they know what that does for me. How it puts me at ease. To have a place that I feel safe.

God was pretty clever when he thought up the concept of community. People to walk beside you in the good and the bad. It’s almost like tangible evidence of God. I mean, people will come and go, unlike God…but you know…sometimes when I doubt that God is near, I just look around at some of the people in my life, and it’s like tangible evidence that there is a God who is always near…who will always be there…who has your back…and who reminds you that everything will be okay.

And that gives me peace of mind.


One thought on “peace

  1. HI,wow it took a while to read all your last blogs,sorry I’ not coming in much not sure why. I saw the facebook picture so clicked on it,then got out I really need to get going more ,oh well.
    take care GOD BLESS love ya lots

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