I’m going back to school

Ok, so maybe I’m not actually going to an educational institution anytime soon (although someday if I get back into youth ministry, I’ve considered seminary). BUT…I’m going back to being a student again.

The other day I mentioned that I wish I would have paid attention in class. I wish I would have known the value of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. But I didn’t. I crammed to ace tests and added fluff to my papers to sound smart. Got me good grades, gave me a weak brain.

Therefore, I’ve decided to put myself through school. Ha. 🙂 And i found the COOLEST resource EVER to help expand my mind!! It is called TED.com. You have to check it out.

ted_logoThere are amazing speeches given by some of the coolest, most innovative, brilliant people in the world…and it’s all free!!! Last night I learned that Twitter was started as a “side project” for co-founder Evan Williams when he was working on ODEO (a podcasting service). Evan worked for Google. He was also a part of starting a previous web trend called “Blogger.” He said “Sometimes you have to follow your hunches even when you cant justify it sometimes….and never assume where it will go.” Charles Leadbeater spoke about innovation. I learned this: The old way of production was for a creative person in a creative place to come up with a creative idea and send it down the pipeline to waiting, apathetic users. The new way of production is to come up with an idea and send it out for the users to tweak, improve, change, and have input in the creation. This concept alone is changing the communcations world…i.e. newspapers only let “users” have one or two sections of the publication (letters to editors, etc)….where as now people are blogging, going to online forums, and using social networking sites to communicate information. The people want to have a voice.

Wow…I learned so much in just a few hours! And so, that will be my plan. To study current events, to listen to amazing leaders, inventors, and brilliant minds discuss what they know best. To read more books. And to be a more well-rounded individual. The next few books on my list are: UnChristian, God-Bearing Life, Hurt, Do Hard Things, Crazy Love, God Wants to Save the Christians, Pursuit of God, Mere Christianity…and a whole lot more….


They say brain power is increased when the person psychologically believes they are able to improve their brain power. So here we go…. 🙂


One thought on “I’m going back to school

  1. Yup, TED is a great resource. I found out about it a few years ago. Definitely some interesting speeches/presentations.

    Thats cool that you are seeking new information / perspectives. Don’t ever stop – there is so much to learn.

    I have recently decided to start taking night classes after work – on subjects about political science, the history of law, etc. As much as I disliked college, taking a few classes just for fun – I’m hoping will be much more enjoyable than the drudge of college.

    Ya, and reading – wow. Its actually fun to read when I’m reading something that interests me – Go figure.

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