"Fear Not"

I love roadtrips. The hours packed in a vehicle with your best buddies, spontaneously stopping at random “world’s biggest ball of yarn” museums, the slightly funny agony of having to “do your business” but not having a restroom within 100 miles, the crazy songs you sing and games you play, and the anticipation of finally getting to your destination. A GPS makes these kinds of trips even cooler. I’ve only been on one trip where we used a GPS system, which was last year going down to Mexico with WFC youth, and we were all in love with this little gizmo. I mean, seriously, this little world-wide-wonder could tell us how long it would take to get to our destination according to the speed we were traveling…down to the very minute. And it would tell us every single turn or exit we needed to take. Just another reason I love roadtrips.

But I can imagine that my love for a trip would quickly disappear if someone were to take me out of the car, put a blindfold on me, put me in another vehicle and said “just trust me.” I would FLIP OUT. Are you KIDDING ME!?! Where am I going? You mean it’s just YOU and ME? Where’s everyone else!?! How are we going to get there?? How long is it going to take!?! NOT COOL.

I think life can be like that sometimes. And it seems like just when we’re singing our lungs out on “Man, I feel like a Woman” in our best kareoke voices while chugging our Mountain Dew and laughing up a storm with our best friends (you get the drift…), the car pulls over and you’re suddenly boarding a different vehicle, going totally different directions, and you have no idea what is going on.

I’m starting to realize that God never gave us a GPS for life. And don’t get me started on the “owners manual” analogy for the Bible. Plain and simple, we have no idea what this life will look like for any of us…where any of us will end up…who will be our traveling buddies called “community”…or how long it will take to get there. All we know is that we’re called to trust God, glorify Him in every choice we make, and “fear not.” (and a few other things that you find in the Bible). It is just me and God. Period. And that is terrifying. But one of the most prevalent commandments in all of scripture is the command to “fear not.” So it must be a pretty big deal.

I guess it just makes you really really really look deep and ask the question “do I really trust that God knows what He’s doing?”

And your answer may explain a lot.


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