True mark of leadership

People will follow people who have their stuff together. Period.

This is another lesson I have been learning from “Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sanders.

“As to behavior, the leader must be respectable. A well-ordered life is the fruit of a well-ordered mind. The life of a leader should reflect the beauty and orderliness of God.” (Spiritual Leadership, 42)

“A leader must be prudent, a person with sound judgment. This principle describes ‘the well-balanced state of mind resulting from habitual self-restraint’–the inner character that comes from daily self-discipline. Jeremy Taylor called this quality ‘reason’s girdle and passion’s bridle.’ The ancient Greeks, who valued this quality, described it as a disciplined mind not swayed by sudden impulse or flying to extremes.” (Spiritual Leadership, 41-42)

If your life is in order, if you have learned to deal with your temptations, if you have your finances and family under control, if you’ve learned how to discipline yourself out of indulgent ways, or have let God break you of the sinful destructive patterns of your life, people will be more prone to follow you. They probably say to themselves “well somewhere along the line, they learned how to get their life under control and that means they’re probably disciplined to make wise leadership choices as well…or maybe they can help me get my life under control.”

I’ve been really chewing on this concept lately, and really desiring that God does a work in my life to reflect an orderly life. I guess the old saying is true: The hardest person to lead is yourself.


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