I HATE gospel tracts.

My blood is boiling right now. I went to McDonalds today to drop off a RedBox movie I rented last night and laying in one of the entrance windows was this bright fire red-orange violation ticket that instantly caught my eye. I mean, it looked like the most serious federal violation ticket anyone could ever get…and I thought McDonalds was gonna close down or something…it looked SO serious. I just caught a glimpse of it as I walked in to return my DVD, and as I walked by, i thought “did that just say Department of Eternal Security?” There is no way my eyes could have read that. No one would be so downright rude and offensive to “ticket” people for being unrighteous. But my curiosity got the best of me and I looked at it again as I walked out. Sure enough. Department of Eternal Security. Out of the good ole city of Justice, OK 12345 (you have GOT to be kidding me).


I flipped it over. On the back was a list of the 10 commandments with check marks next to them with all of the violated offenses. It looked just like a parking ticket. Plate Number? “R-U-4-G-O-D-?” Officer? “J. Baptist” Badge? “JN316”


And then in teenie-tiny writing was the “gospel” about how guilty you are and how Jesus is the only one who can pay those fines. Which is true. But if all you saw was the big bold writing, all you would think about is how bad you were. Oh, and the website at the bottom of the tract? http://www.TheGoodPersonTest.com.

ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME!? I am so angry at the kinds of people who think this is the good way to share the “good news.” Sounds like pretty crappy news to me if its presented that way. I want to just write them a letter telling them how horrified I am to be a Christian, having to share the same name as them. But I guess that wouldnt make me any better than them.

All I can say is….to people who don’t know about Jesus Christ and the amazing love He has for you, I am so very sorry that us “Christians” make you feel like pond scum. I am so very sorry that we spotlight your sins and verbally throw stones at you, as if “WE” are so much better than you. I am so very sorry that you think God is a police officer just wanting to write you up for a violation. The God I know and love and serve is a God of love and grace and goodness. And he wants to save us from the brokeness of ourselves because he has such a better life for us. He knows we mess up…do our own thing…and can’t save ourselves from the crap we’re in. He even knows how much some of us love the crap, even though it is killing us inside. But WHILE WE WERE STILL DOING THAT CRAP AND LOVING IT, CHRIST DIED FOR US to pay the penalty of death that our lives of crap will eventually lead to. He died because he LOVES us SO much more than we’ll ever know…and knowing that He can’t be in the same place as sin, he paid that penalty so that he COULD BE WITH US FOREVER.

I’m so very sorry about those tracts. Please know that God is LOVE.


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