You know its hard to think of a title every time…

This morning I was 8 minutes early to work. This never happens. In fact, usually I am 2 minutes late to work. Happened to get up a little earlier today so I could go through my full getting-ready process so my hair didn’t look like someone threw a grease bomb at me. Went to Starbucks before work and the barista called out my “usual” drink before I even ordered…then I felt bad because she had finally remembered, and I decided to get something different. Customers are always like…so inconvenient, ya know? šŸ™‚

The lady behind me at the stoplight was dancing in her car. She must be having a good Friday morning. I think I had a pretty great start to my Friday morning too. We take life so seriously sometimes. Let’s just turn our music up loud and dance to it every once in a while. Who cares what people will think?


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