My thoughts on blogging

I think it would be cool to have an online community. But I’m still skeptical as to how “real” those friendships can be.

I think some bloggers think they are “cool” in their own minds because they have super stats. But in real life they’re not cool. I don’t wanna be one of those.

I’m jealous of people who have clever, witty blog posts 9 times out of 10.

I know that in order for people to read your blog and comment, you must read their blog and comment. It just seems like so much effort. If i’m going to put that much effort into something, I’d like to see them face to face.

Do people still blog just for themselves, or does every blog have an agenda?

Not sure how to find my “niche” in the blog world…i think I may just be one of those “online diary” people that my mom and grandma read.

How to people find time to blog?

How do you be “real” on your blog, without being “too real?” Because you know if you spill out your heart every other day, people will move on faster than I move past the “yams” section of the buffet.

“Superstar blogging” sounds like too much work, with very little gain. Who cares if you’re virtually popular?

Blogging rant over. Peace-out. You’re now free to move about the cabin.


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