PEEPS marshmallows are SICK.

I may have asked this before…but im curious as to who actually reads this blog. In marketing, you are supposed to “target your audience.” Well, im not sure who that is anymore…after many long sabbaticals. Could just be my family. In which case, emailing might be a better route.

But in any case, my goal is to get this going in full force again. So i’m curious…

Who are you?

Why do you read this blog?

And do you like “peeps” marshmallows?

Go ahead. Answer. Don’t be shy.


6 thoughts on “PEEPS marshmallows are SICK.

  1. Who am I? Your mom (and dad)

    Why do I read your blog? It keeps me in touch with what is going on in your life – what you are doing? how you are feeling? what you are thinking? It challenges me.

    Do I like marshmallow peeps? No. Sometimes I think I do and so I will try one and then remember that I don’t like sticky, gooey, pastel chicks:)

    Please keep blogging. You have lots of things to say that are encouraging and inspiring and thought-provoking and sometimes just funny!!

  2. Hi Angie,

    I am Kevin Williamson and I do read your blog on occasion. I do a lot of RSS feed reading and I susbscribed to your blog. That way I can just check and see when a new feed comes. Mostly just enjoy knowing what you are doing.

    I enjoy your honesty and your striving to see God in everything. That seems a rare strength and I find it encouraging and refreshing.

    I hate Peeps for what it is worth. All sugar and not much flavor. Too messy. Give me chocolate and I will be happy.



  3. I am Holly…
    Love your blog, keep blogging!!!
    HATE (DID I SAY HATE)…PEEPS! They are nasty and icky!
    We’ll talk sometime!!

  4. Brittney Watts here. I read because I like to see what’s going on in your life, plus I love reading blogs. 🙂 And I used to love peeps but I don’t think I’ll be having any this year!! Too much sugar once you’re not a kiddo anymore!!

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