What Starbucks has taught me

A few days ago, I put in my two-weeks notice at Starbucks. It was a much easier process this time. 🙂 I did this for several reasons, none of which are really worth explaining, or probably even valid excuses…but I did it, nonetheless.


Surprisingly, Starbucks has taught me a lot. (Not to mention, I can make a wicked cappucino now!)

Most of all, Starbucks has taught me compassion. When I go to a restaurant, coffee shop, or any place of retail, my heart goes out to that person behind the counter. They probably don’t want to be there serving you your 10th glass of diet coke, and taking back your steak that was just a little under cooked. They probably don’t care that you’re returning that sweater because the fabric was too itchy, or that razor was a little too dull. They probably don’t care that you want your Whopper with onion rings instead of french fries or that your kid didnt get the happy meal toy they wanted.

You know what they probably do care about? They care about spending time with their friends, and having to work on a Saturday night is the last thing they want to do. They care about their kids, and wish they could put them to bed at night, but instead, they are listening to you complain about your order. They care about enjoying a beautiful day, working at a place they are passionate about, and fulfilling all of the dreams they have ever dared to dream.

I have compassion on them, because they probably don’t want to be there. But they are. And they are serving you. And they’re trying their best to have a smile on their face, all the while, their manager is probably breathing down their neck that they haven’t made enough sales for the night. And they are devastated that once again they can’t hang out with their closest friends and family that they rarely get to see. But they are there. Because for some reason, this season of their life demands that they get a job pretty much anywhere, just to make some money. And my heart breaks for them. Because I know what its like to have the apron on and stand behind the counter.

Next time you’re at a restaurant, tip your server. Smile at them. Thank them for doing their job…EVEN if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Because maybe, JUST MAYBE, they are a person just like you.

Starbucks has, without a doubt, taught me compassion.


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