Worship or Concert?

I am all about worship. I am all about excellence. I am all about relevance. I am all about doing the latest and greatest things if it will enhance a person’s engagement with the living God. And as a church Communications team member, I’m trying to educate myself about what the rest of the growing churches are doing out there. But when I saw this article, I’m not sure I can say I was overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong….this is freaking awesome and I totally wish I could be there…but a concert is one thing…worship is another.

(as seen on Church Relevance)

Like i just said, I am all about escalating the creative appeal if it helps bring a person into a worshipful awe of the living God. But there comes a point where a worship set can just become a concert. There is a fine line. I’m not saying this church is just producing a concert, but I think it is a very important thought process to go through. 

Yes, we want to be relevant. Yes, we want to do the latest and greatest. But no, we don’t want people to be so enthralled with the LCD lights we used and forget that they are being called into the holy presence of the God of the universe. 

Good reminder. 

[ht: bricebohrer]


One thought on “Worship or Concert?

  1. Although I can see and somewhat agree with what you’re saying, much of the modern church is truly falling away from God and as a result worldly desires and passions are being met from the altar of idolatry by curious onlookers who want to participate in something “meaningful.”

    The gospel of Christ is as relevant as it gets. Look at C.H. Spurgeon, a man God-fearing and Christ-exalting who didn’t draw thousands by his entertaining musicians but rather the simplicity that is Christ and His gospel and the message of truth that is the Word of God.

    I enjoy great worship, but the definition of “great worship” or “worship of God” does not mean, nor has it ever meant, “The atmosphere in which LCD, Instruments and noise are continuous as to presume upon a people religious or otherwise the atmosphere of God.”

    Becoming a “clanging symbol” as it were, or mimicking Nadab and Abihu with their profane fire before the Lord is a sign that you may not be a God-centered, God-fearing and Christ-exalting church but rather a man-centered group of people gathering together in the name of God. They are there, but quenching the Holy Spirit.

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