But I also love me…

We all have things we hate about ourselves. We are trying to figure out how to cope with our imperfections. We’re all growing, all learning, and all living side by side in this crazy mess of a world. And as much as I’m sick of me, I’m also pretty in love with me, too.

I love me because I crack myself up. I love my dry humor and my sarcastic remarks (when they don’t accidentally hurt someone)…because they are so witty and clever…and always right on time. 

I love me because I strive to be authentic and real.  I love me because I admit that I struggle. 

I love me because being introverted isnt a bad thing. I love me because I do like silence. 

I love me because I think I’m a great friend. I would love to have a friend like me. I love that I would rather buy something for someone else, than buy myself something. That I would rather spend my time serving someone else, than spending it on myself. 

I love me because I think I’ve created a few really cool designs. And even though I’m not a professional designer, by any standard, I think I’ve done a good job with the knowledge I have.

I love me because Christ has redeemed me.  Because God says I’m valuable. Because He has chosen me….before I even chose Him!

I love me because I think I am a great listener. I know what people truly like, and truly don’t like. And I remember what people tell me. I know that Crystal wants a “Snuggie” thing-a-majig more than anything in the world right now, that her online community group is vitally important to her, and that salsa is 0 points for weight watchers. Because I know her, I know the things she likes. I know that my friend Erin loves hot cocoa with the teenie-tiny marshmallows, and if she was made of money, she’d probably buy a Espresso Truffle from Starbucks every day if she could. I know her favorite color is red, and her favorite season is Autumn. I also know she loves horror movies, and is still looking for someone to watch those movies with (cuz i wont!!). I know that my friend Brad likes Brittney Spears like nobody’s business, that Debbie’s sister is having her first baby, that Ben has an interview today, and that Branon loves Mexican and wishes his wife did too :). I know that Megan wants a tea set when she has enough room for one, I know her biggest fear, I know that one of her dreams would be to start a company that trains young musicians and sends them out into the secular world to be a light for Christ, and that one of the best gifts someone could give her would be a Saturday morning alone with her comfy pants, her journal, and something to read..because that is her favorite part of the entire week. I listen because I desire to know them more intimately. I love the things they love, because I love them. And I love that about me.

I love me because I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in 22 years of life. I love me because I know what I’m capable of. I love me because I am determined to get there.

I love me because even though I’m shy, I have learned to take risk and step out of my comfort zone often. I love me because I haven’t given up yet. 

I love me because I know the kind of woman I want to be. I love me because I am doing my best to live a life that pleases God, not man. I love me because I am loyal, faithful, and generous. 

I love me, because despite my natural tendencies, I am trying to capture beauty.


3 thoughts on “But I also love me…

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I LOVE YOU TO.all those drawings you made for me and the last one of the farm wow it so fit on the wall with my other farm stuff,so many ask where I bought it and it gives me so much PRIDE to tell them you did it.
    thank you for just being you .
    love ya grams

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