I miss them.

Those amazing women at Westside that I looked up to, cherished time with, and who made my life better. I miss them.

I saw a westside staff woman last night while i was working at Starbucks and it just reminded me of those women whose smiles just made my entire day complete. They haven’t been replaced…they never will. There are just days that I need those women to be around…to leave the craziness at my desk and walk upstairs and see beautiful, smiling, inspiring faces.

Those women held me in my most painful moments. They’ve made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. And they have challenged me and inspired me to be a better woman of God.

Right now I’m praying blessings on them for this New Year.

I hope they know how much I love them.

And Crystal…I especially miss you.


2 thoughts on “I miss them.

  1. this made me cry. i still cry “on top of hat” these days. i miss you too, my friend. really, really do. i miss our chats and our silliness. i miss IHOP and not just because i miss pancakes. seems like a century ago. and i love you. surely life can’t be so busy that we can’t get together, huh?

  2. I miss you and crystal’s IHOP moments too…I used to laugh my butt off on those videos…you need to get together with her again so we can all start laughing again!!

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