Christmas Eve

Let’s just say, this Christmas has been unlike any other. For the first time that I can remember, I didn’t wake up on Christmas morning in Iowa. Now that Andy and I are growing up, we have jobs that require us to work before or after Christmas. Therefore, we are having Christmas here in Kansas City this year. 

The family time was supposed to begin when we all went to Christmas Eve services at Westside together at 7 pm. I was scheduled to get off at 7 from Starbucks, so I planned on sneaking in a few minutes late to enjoy Christmas Eve with my family at church. But I should have known that was a high expectation to have when i walked into Starbucks for work at 11 yesterday morning. Cars were wrapped around the building in the drive-thru line, nearly every parking space was taken, some vehicles even just parking in the middle of the parking lot. You would have thought we were selling the Mona Lisa. It was a madhouse all day long. It was like having an “after school rush” all day long. I’m not sure if it was because everyone was off school/work, or people getting last minute gifts, or getting their needed coffee fix before Starbucks, heaven-forbid, closed for a day. I think it was a combination of all three. 

The store closed at 6. They usually schedule us for an extra hour just to get all of the cleaning and prep done before we leave. I asked our shift manager if i could leave 5 minutes early to get to church on time and she thought that would probably be okay. Well…with the craziness all day long, not much had gotten done by the time we closed…leaving us with a mountain of tasks to do before leaving. The other barista working, a high school kid, expressed the urgency of his need to leave right at 7…and before everything was even done, he just left…leaving me and Bailey, the shift manager, to finish all by ourselves. Needless to say, we didnt even get out of there until 7:40 pm and we barely got half of the tasks finished. it was awful! 

I was so sad that i had completely missed the Christmas Eve service with my family. Had I become one of those people who missed out on family time because my job demanded my time? I made my way home to wait for my family to return from church when i walked in and saw this:

xmas-002  xmas-004

xmas-005  xmas-006

My mom had totally decked out the place to feel all Christmasy! There were Christmas snacks, presents, cute little holiday paper plates and napkins, and even a Christmas blanket that she had brought down! AND, to top it off, there was beef stew already simmering in the crock pot. My apartment has never felt so homey! 

It has been a great Christmas so far. I will write more about it later! 🙂


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