I will eventually return more regularly to write on my blog, i promise. things are just so crazy right now. But i just simply have to share how overwhelmed i am by the beauty of this life with God. 

I have never been so blown away by how incredibly beautiful God is, His plan, His provision, His blessing. He DOES know whats best, even if we dont think so. Even in the case of this election…God can use anything for His glory. What happens tomorrow does not make him flinch at all. 

He is worthy to be trusted. He will never fail us. And after one glorious rescue, I do not want to suddenly think that i can handle it all again. I can’t. So im trying my best to continue to rely on Him, knowing that he has my future absolutely under control….and there is no way I can do this on my own. 

Anyways…that was random. But i just had to share…or “testify” if you wanna call it that. God is good.


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