write now: 1

Ok, so i stole this idea…but i thought it sounded pretty fun so here we go. 

What is going on around me right now, what is going through my head right now, what is happening right now? Why the number “1” in the title? Because I have a feeling ill be doing this a lot more often. 

October 3, 2008 3:09pm

My contacts are in and my eyes itch. 

My stomach hurts. I went to chickfila and ate way too much. that number one chicken sandwhich sure is good, with those great waffle fries and the diet dr. pepper in their styrofoam cups, but oh my goodness…it was too much for me today.

I have a red and white shirt on, laying on my red and white comforter on my bed. I probably blend in.

I am dog-sitting my friend’s dog, Sydney, today and tomorrow. She is laying at the end of my bed right now. I enjoy dogs that have good manners. If i thought i could afford it and be responsible for it, I would get a dog. I enjoy the company.

I go back to work on Sunday and I’m trying to make time stand still to enjoy the last few days of my vacation. Where did the week go…seriously?

Im rubbing my stomach in clock-like motions. The massage lady told me yesterday that it helps digestion cuz thats the way your digestive track runs. Interesting. I just feel stupid rubbing my stomach. 🙂

I can hear trucks driving around outside. They are repairing a road out there, and every morning i wake up to the sound of crashing dump trucks and beeping wide-load vehicles backing up. I hope they get done with the project soon.

Sydney (the dog) just sighed. I feel like a hostest trying to entertain my guest and i feel like i’m boring the life out of her. We’ve already gone outside once. Should i play with her all day? I feel bad that she’s just laying there while i’m writing this. But i think most dogs just lay around or do their own thing…right? lol. Why am i so worried? 

Im really hot right now. Im not sure why im wearing jeans. maybe because its october? why is it in the 80’s outside?


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