8 things

Eight things that make me happy…

1. Finally having everything unpacked in my room and all in its right spot. Ahhh.
2. The feeling of relief I get every time I go home and see my parents.
3. Having money in the bank (obvious, but worth mentioning)
4. Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha
5. Spending time with friends
6. Sarah Palin (just cuz)
7. A good book
8. Fridays



One thought on “8 things

  1. In no particular order:

    Sitting on the deck my dad and I made
    Laughing with my wife and kids
    Riding my bike
    Laying in the sun, on the floor during a sunny winter day
    The smell of a camp fire
    Being active
    Being with friends
    Cooking (but not cleaning)

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