A league of my own.

I’m beginning to be ever-so-aware that the third decade of someone’s life (20’s) is “supposed to be” the decade where you’re in a relationship. It’s like a secret club, and some people are dying to get in, others could care less, and the people who are in it dont even know it exists. I’m not sure where I fall in that mix. Some days I’m dying to get into the club. Other days I could care less. But the longer i’m in this third decade of life, the more I feel like i’m in a “league of my own.” There are a few different options worth looking at to solve that problem, but none of which I care to go into tonight. Quite frankly, I don’t really care if I’m in a relationship or not because I’m only 22…good grief. But I’m starting to wonder if society has a different opinion. And I think that’s stupid. But those are just my thoughts on the matter… 

**this is all in fun people. 🙂 I’m not really this hostile. haha. Carry on….


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