IM ON VACATION, my mind is not: Part five.

I was productive today. REALLY productive. Today I…

  • Went to the dentist at 8:30am and got my front tooth fixed that has been broken since my South Africa trip.
  • Went out and visited my grandma for two hours.
  • Found new glasses!!
  • Figured out my student loans
  • Got a massage that my grandma paid for (thanks grandma!)
  • Went back to the dentist for a routine cleaning..first one in a really long time. Not good. BUT had no cavities. And that IS good. 🙂

It’s possible i’m freaking out about the economy crash today…but since im not quite sure how exactly it will affect me yet, im trying to stay calm. I may be living on the streets soon… yikes. But its been a great day…heading back to KC tomorrow!


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