I’M ON VACATION, my mind is not: Part two

  • Who am I if i’m not a youth worker at Westside? Is my identity wrapped up in my job?
  • For the first time, I realized that my “permanent residence” is at my apartment, i no longer live at home. I was going to take some things home that i never use or never wear, and then realized that my parents dont run a storage company. My unwanted stuff is my problem to deal with. I’m an adult now. Yikes.
  • A lot of things go unnoticed until you have time on your hands to notice. I’ve realized that ive put a lot of personal “housekeeping” things aside because i’ve been too busy, but they really need to get done. I can’t just say “ill do it later.” I have the time to do it now, i must take care of it now.
  • My brother is reading a book for his “counseling as a pastor” class called “The Emotionally Healthy Church.” My mom has been reading it as well, and after venting for several hours, she recommended I read it. Ive only heard what she’s told me about it…but I’m going to read it this weekend…im ready to get my mind blown away.
  • Tonight I talked non-stop to my mom from when i got home at 6 until she went to bed at midnight. I guess I had a lot on my heart and mind.
  • The iPod Shuffle feature is amazing…i rediscovered Kendall Payne. She’s amazing. I also enjoyed some Coldplay as well.

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