I’M ON VACATION, my mind is not: Part Three.

My dad is gone on a hunting trip to South Dakota (where he’s shooting prairie dogs and rattle snakes with my uncle…uh yeah..), so its just been my mom and I…and its been a lot of fun. Today I slept in (hooray!!), talked with my mom for a while about The Shack (i’m letting her borrow it), we went to our awesome local coffee shop for lunch and then walked through our bookstore (because i need a new journal, I only have a few pages left and I got this one as a graduation gift..if that says anything about my summer!). Then we went to Maurices and my mom bought me a few shirts and a pair of jeans (rock on!). Then headed back to the coffee shop to grab a coffee, and then we went home and we’ve read books most of the afternoon. My mom is still reading “The Shack” and I’m reading “The Emotionally Healthy Church.” Some family friends are going to come over later tonight, and i havent seen or talked to them since I was probably 10…so it will be good to catch up.

So today has been good so far, although a little processing can go a long way. I’m reading “The Emotionally Healthy Church” and i feel like i’ve gone through extensive counseling just by reading it, as well as gaining clarity about the position I’m in. Needless to say, its been good…but my mind definitely hasn’t been on vacation. I’m also processing the discipleship element of student ministries and how that can be more effective, as well as re-examining my passions for ministry as a whole.

But right now, as I’m processing this out loud for all the world to read (yeah thats smart)…im thinking maybe i should just not read the book this week and go buy my own copy next week to read. I need to just do nothing and relax…and that book doesnt help me do that. Ok, so that problem is solved.

Perhaps I’ll find a TV series to start watching….or find a good fiction book. Yes, maybe thats what i’ll do. 🙂

Ok now im excited..and ready to relax. 🙂 More to come….


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