i wish…

I heard this from one of my closest students tonight:

“i’ve noticed that whenever you’re walking anywhere, you’re always on a mission.” 

I wish i could change that. I wish i could walk into the room, sit down on the couch, and talk to them for hours on end about what really matters in each of their lives. I wish I could grab a seat next to them and engage in the message the way I’m hoping they are. I wish i could put my hand on their shoulder as they’re engaging in worship. But I can’t. It’s impossible for me to intimately know each and every one of those 60+ girls that come to Thirst each week, know their biggest dreams, their worst fears, their biggest spiritual questions, or even their favorite color, tv show, or the name of their boyfriend, as well as making sure everything is running smoothly and lined up for the night. I guess that’s why we have leaders that I invest in, who then can invest in a handful of girls, and they can know them intimately. As a staff member, i feel like i’ve been removed one step backfrom the front lines of ministry, i’m now serving our servants…not necessarily all of the students themselves. Sure, I can get to know a handful of girls really well and invest in them and grow them as leaders…but sometimes I just wish I could know every single one of those girls and everything about them. I guess i just need to realize that i can’t, but that God does and he’s placed leaders and mentors in their lives to be that “go to” person that they love, admire, and respect. I guess i just wish that could be me….


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