7 things

Here are 7 things you may or may not know about me….

One. I have a gray Old Navy sweatshirt that I got for my 14th birthday. Year 2000. This is my favorite sweatshirt of all times, and although the sleeves are literally falling apart, no one can make me throw it away. Its light, comfy, and i would wear it every day if i could. If they sold the same one at Old Navy, I would consider retiring this one, but they dont sell it. I looked on ebay today, and only found one but it wasnt my size. 









Two. I failed gymnastics when I was in first grade. My mom said we weren’t taking lessons anymore because the teachers weren’t very good. When I was a teenager, I was looking through some baby books and found my gymnastics report card: “failed.” Stupid kick-over tumble bridge maneuver thing, i could never do those.

Three. I have had 8 official titles while working at Westside Family Church. They are: Summer youth intern of Middle School (2 mo), Summer youth intern of High School (2 mo), Receptionist (1.5 mo), Communications Intern (5 mo), Print Assistant (5 mo), Student Ministries Administrative Assistant (8 mo), Associate Director of Middle School (this only lasted for 2 or 3 weeks, but i did sign the job description!), and Associate Director of High School Ministries (3 months and counting….). I’ve had all of these titles, minus the first, within the past 18 months. Some simultaneously. My longest position has been the Administrative Assistant position so far. 

Four. My roommate and I painted our apartment last weekend. We also have a new rug. We’re mixing browns and blacks which im still not sure about, but I think if we find a cool picture with browns in it and put it above the couch in the black frame, it may tie things together better. Who knows.


Five. I used to think that counselling was only for people who were really messed up. Now i’m realizing that counselling is the best thing in the world, and I think everyone could use a session or two. I’ve learned so much about myself and how to handle situations that arise in my life. Go find a counsellor today!! 

Six. I own my own business. Its called ThatAngieGirl. Its a freelance design business, so if you ever need anything designed, shoot me an email and let me know. I also have my own website: www.thatangiegirl.com.

Seven. I have been told that I make a wicked fruit pizza. Whenever I’m invited to parties and they say “bring a dessert,” my friends hope that I will bring my fruit pizza. (or so I’m told). The other day I made it just for fun and shared it with a few friends. I thought it turned out pretty well! 🙂 


Now tell me something about you that I might not know….


2 thoughts on “7 things

  1. I love this post!!! I know all about that Old Navy sweatshirt!!
    I like your paint colors and the rug really makes it homey.
    I think we will need to make some of that fruit pizza when you come home next weekend. It looks delicious!! Thanks for the interesting facts and the great photos!!

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