Dear Facebook…

Why is it easier to share hurts, pains, frustrations with the world wide web rather than just confonting a person about it? Why is it easier to run to our facebook/twitter/blogs about it rather than just dealing with the real issue? Why is it so easy to be passive agressive about an issue that really affects us rather than just working it out? I always laugh when I see someone’s facebook status say; “I really wish some people would be more sensitive, JOHNNY, but man i guess that is WAY too much to ask for. im in love with a JERK!” Okay, that was totally made up, but its always along those lines. You’ve seen it….I’ve seen it…we’ve both laughed and made fun of it.

Can I admit that sometimes I have the heart of that person and thats how I want to deal with things?

Have you ever been there?


4 thoughts on “Dear Facebook…

  1. Yes. I feel the same way. I deleted my “other” accounts…myspace, facebook whatever because I couldn’t keep up. It was all too much. I have enough of a hard time managing the relationships I am currently in and I don’t even live there. Dang. That comic is totally true. I battle with it.

  2. my battle for attention and affirmation will often lead me to put horribly vague “drama” in to my twitter or status. for a way of people to poke at the problem. this is childish and something i am working on stopping.

  3. For some reason it’s always easier to express yourself in writing than face to face. You don’t have to deal with the dialogue and you get time to think about exactly what you want to say and how you’re going to say it.

    Clearly, I’m guilty too. lol

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