My best friend is famous.

So…shortly before Meg resigned as the Director of Student Worship Arts and Discipleship, Worship Leader Magazine contacted her for an interview. Now, for those of you who aren’t in the worship arts world, i guess this is “THE” magazine..probably similar to Sports Illustrated for athletes. This is the magazine for worship leaders. So they interviewed her for the September issue, and the digital version came out today. Check it out at …and when she emailed me about it today, she wanted me to know that the typos weren’t hers!!! Must’ve been the editors. 🙂 No, for real.

Meg is a rockstar. I’m so excited for her. God is going to use her in amazing ways in the music industry.

My BFF can beat up your BFF.

Who are you proud of today?


2 thoughts on “My best friend is famous.

  1. OK. That article was totally awesome and inspirational. I’m so glad you have a friend like Meg. And I’m proud of you!!! You are bold and passionate and challenging and growing!! Keep it up!! God is smiling (and so am I) 🙂

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