I casually asked this question last week, but have been chewing on it more. Today I want to hear from you.

What do you think? Lets discuss.



8 thoughts on “Constant

  1. i like your little design ditty there.

    we discussed this over lunch the other day and i am glad you posted it separately. it is just such a profound statement and although it might not be entirely true, there’s definitely some truth nuggets in there.

    He designed us to be relationships… but did He originally design those to change? or is that a product of the fall as well? but then again, is the change in our relationships Him or is it free will?

    dang it is just such an interesting statement.

  2. Or is it just because we put “security” or “stability” or “relationships” on the throne of our heart over God? So when that stability is rocked, or relationships change, or security is compromised….we feel as though someone has punched us in the stomach. But really, its just that those things sitting on the thone of our hearts have been uprooted? Maybe THATS why we feel that gut-wrenching pain of change?


  3. i think we hate change because we’re human and when things don’t go our way we get upset about it. maybe that’s too suraface-y.

  4. I’m not actually sure that I hate change…there are some times in looking back that change, new beginnings, new locations, new people, leaving behind the bad, have actually made me so excited…excited to change and move on. But you are right, the majority of people hate change…I worked in a position that I would have to tell people that their cubicle positions would be changed…either in location or style of desk…even that little itty bitty change in the scope of things would put people in a tail spin. Anyway…change can sometimes be good and bad…

  5. Here is a slightly different spin… Change for alot of us means getting out of our comfort zone – anything that does that causes us to feel uncomfortable at times. Jesus was all about change… and there were alot who were uncomfortable. Does this mean that Jesus was just trying to show us the one constant as you noted? Where does free will fall in all this and does that cause us to feel uncomfortable? Ugh… interesting question.

  6. let me think ,change well there are things I have no options on as for the rest , PLEASE people just let me live in my own little world, as for JESUS I think he pretty much tells it as it is and that dosen’t CHANGE.

    love ya grams

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