Red Beauty

My phone. She works again.







Monday morning I went to Sprint and they confirmed my suspicions. I got a dud. A defect. It was dead. Dead as a doorknob. And so they gave me a new phone and let me keep everything from the old one…the charger, the battery, the stylus, the battery cover, the USB cord..everything but the phone itself. So i have an extra of everything. Yeah..pretty sweet.


And the phone? Yeah, she is fabulous. Works like a charm. The buttons are STILL the size of a hangnail, but im slowly getting use to them. I’m still about as fast as a grandma texting on it, but hopefully overtime i’ll return as the speed-texter once again. 🙂

Just wanted to update you all on my new phone. Cuz you all care so much. haha.


2 thoughts on “Red Beauty

  1. I care!! Because now that you have a phone you can call me or I can call you again:) I’m excited to see all the great things your phone can do, but I’m more excited to see you. Love ya.

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