Throw away the candy.

The lesson was on unity. And to teach this, one of our leaders came up with her own demonstration. One big box of starbursts, and then some nasty little hard candies that no one likes. Placing them in the middle of the circle, she asks the first girl to take her pick. She takes the box of starbursts, of course…duh. Who wouldn’t? And so the rest of the girls get the little hard candies. And hypothetically this causes frustration in the group.

“So what would you do in this situation?” The leader asked me, as she was talking through the lesson. “well…” I said “thats easy. I’d just split up the candy among everyone.” She agreed that would be one good solution, and then went on to tell me what her son had said earlier, when she was preparing for the lesson. When she asked him, he gave the answer I gave as well. But then she asked him what he would do if that still didnt make anyone happy. “well, i would just throw the candy away. its better that no one got any and be unified than to try to split it up and have everyone mad at each other.”

Wow. That option never even crossed my mind.

Sometimes we get so worked up about things being fair that it causes more harm than good. Sometimes it takes the sacrifice of something good to keep unity among a group. Sometimes it takes throwing away the candy entirely if that means it keeps a group unified. Is this something we should strive for? I think so.

How far would you go in order to have unity?


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