Last night I was talking to Carlos and he asked me what I’ve been dreaming of. I was confused, of course, so i asked him to explain. He said: “i always like to see how people are dreaming. When you stop dreaming, you stop living.” And so i started thinking about what my big dreams are. What ARE my dreams? Do I have any?

And that’s when I realized that im not sure I’m dreaming anymore. Do i still make a difference in people’s lives? I think so. Do i spend great amounts of time building relationships? Yes. But am i dreaming of bigger and better days ahead? No. I think i’ve given up my rights to dream. I do what needs to be done to fulfill someone else’s dream, which is fine and good and admirable, and its a great dream to be apart of. And it absolutely fulfills the mission God has called us to. Please note, there is nothing wrong with the dream. But that doesnt give me the excuse to stop dreaming for myself.

I used to dream of the day when I’d be in a ministry position, making a difference in students’ lives and spending my time helping them grow deeper in their faith. I always thought I knew what things would look like when that happened. Now that i’m here, and things aren’t as I expected, I’ve stopped dreaming. But i’ve got years of life ahead of me. Where do I want to be in five years? In 10 years? In 40 years? It’s time that I start dreaming again.

What are YOU dreaming of?


7 thoughts on “Dreamer

  1. i am dreaming of the day that i can be in somewhat of your shoes, in your position in ministry. i would LOVE to be an admin asst in a church, preferably in the music ministry. i fully believe and trust that someday i’ll be there, i just don’t know when. 🙂

  2. Someday I dream of being in other countries helping out with my medical knowledge that I will have. Some times we just have to do the stuff we don’t want to have to do to get there…bummer!

  3. well, you are a dream come true for me , as your grandma I find little drawing’s in book’s you did many years ago, and now we look at your last drawning of a farm it hangs where we see it all the time,thank you for being one very precious young lady,neverever quit DREAMING

    love ya grams

  4. I have to agree with your grandmother Angie…never quit dreaming! Your uncle Tim is proof of that (although sometimes I wish he’d be more realistic & mature-ha!). I know reality sometimes gets in the way, and that is life, but always in the back of your mind keep the hope going of your dreams…it will spur you on. When God can trust you in the little things, He will bless you with the big things…and that could quite possibly be the fulfillment of your dreams!

    Dream on dear Angie…

    Love you,
    Aunt Annie

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