Centro Schmentro

Yesterday I finally took the plunge. I got a new phone. Not just ANY phone. A PDA phone (personal digital assistant!!). I got the Palm Centro…which i’ve heard nothing but good things about.

I took her home yesterday and she was lovely in all of her red glory. The red should have given me a hint. This morning i woke up and it had turned into the devil. Ok..maybe not. But red DOES rhyme with dead..and thats exactly what it was. It was plugged in all night…held the power button..nothing. took the battery out, put it back in…the startup screen lasted less than a second. And of COURSE, of all days, today all Sprint stores are closed for an employee seminar. What the heck!?

So today I have been phoneless, and it has been awful. I have no social life without a phone. And that is sad. But i dont have hard feelings against the Centro..i think i mustve just gotten a dud. Or at least i hope so.

And so, tomorrow at 9am sharp, you can find me at the local sprint store making sure i get this red beauty alive and healthy again. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Centro Schmentro

  1. K, so what did you do with your old phone? If you still have it, can I be white trash and ask for it? I need a new (old) one for here. I am cheap and don’t want to buy one but will have to soon because mine is kinda on it’s last legs. Sad, sad situation.

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