Confessions of a Caffiene Addict

Another late night on Monday…freelance work until at least 1am. I woke up feeling tired, groggy, and unfortunately normal. And so I rolled out of bed, knowing staff meeting would be starting soon….i stumbled and fumbled and got ready the best I could…and I went to my local Starbucks for my morning wake up. Venti iced white mocha, non-fat milk, no whip..please and thank you.

It was then that I realized that I had officially become addicted to caffiene. Because, you see, for the past two weeks, within an hour of waking up, I’ve either been stopping at starbucks, grabbing a diet coke, or filling up my coffee mug as soon as I get to work. But not only that, but I would drink caffinated beverages all throughout the day…even at 11 or 12 at night just so i can stay up to get work done. I simply cannot function without it. And so as I was sitting in Tuesday morning’s church-wide staff meeting, finishing the final sips of my precious starbucks…i realized this addiction had to end.

And so, since 10am on Tuesday morning, I have not had caffiene. I’ve heard the fastest way to “detox” your body from caffiene is to just go cold turkey. So i’ve decided to give up caffiene completely for three days. I’m making myself go until Friday night before I can have any caffiene. The goal is that I will have detoxed my body from its dependance on caffiene and i will start drinking it in moderation. Thats the goal at least.

So how do I feel? Let me tell you….

Wish I could have pop for lunch.
Oh man, headache.
11pm? Its time for bed.

Oh man I’m tired, i can’t wake up.
I wish i could have pop for lunch. boo.
Massive headache, please go away.
My eyes will only open half way.
I can’t think straight. I can’t focus. I’m really groggy.
Things arent making sense. I dont feel very alert.
I think I have a migraine. Oh my word, my head’s going to explode.
I think im dying. seriously. I think im dying.

Oh tired.
Feeling a bit better today.
Wish i could have pop for lunch.
Man, my body is tired.
I’m starting to realize how much i really have on my plate…and im not sure i have the energy to do it all without caffiene. Oh man.
I think i can hear my body say “i need sleep.”

And so the story continues….I will keep you posted….


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Caffiene Addict

  1. oh my wonderful young girl, MODERATION isn’t really a word that works well in this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but if it works for you I’m proud of you .


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