Do you know my friend, Meg?

We all have friends who impact us at one level or another. And sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we’ll find friends who impact us on multiple levels…deep heart levels, fun spontaneous levels, and all levels in between. That’s the kind of friend Meg has become to me. Megan is a great example of what a great friend is…i hope you all have someone like her in your life.

Most of you don’t know Meg, even though i’ve mentioned her a lot. I just wanted to highlight her a bit and intentionally share a bit about my great friend. Meg is seriously a rockstar. If you saw her at the grocery store, you’d probably want her autograph simply because she is gorgeous. She is intentional about staying in shape, her hair is killer (like a rockstar), and her green eyes are piercing and beautiful. When she smiles, you will smile. You will. Its inevitable.

If you were in a room adjacent to the room Meg was in, you’d want to peek your head in the door to find out what’s going on. You would hear her sqeal and laugh and, seriously, you’d feel like you were missing out on the best party of your life. And its probably true. Meg lights up a room…she will make you laugh harder than you know possible…and the parties she does throw, wow, you’re missing out if you’ve never been to one. She has the gift of hospitality like you wouldnt believe, and I think she would even let a hobo come to one of her parties. Well…thats debatable. And thats only because she’d worry her dog, Sydney, might attack him. 🙂

Megan is an exceptionally talented musician. She majored in vocal performance and has been leading worship for several years. Her voice will send chills down your spine. And thats not an exaggeration. She sang “Bring me to life” one time at Westside and there was not a single hair on my body that wasnt standing up. I probably looked like a bear. The way Meg leads worship is so humble and passionate, even if you don’t know God, I think you would be interested in finding out who He is when Megan leads worship. I do miss that about Megan not leading our student worship arts now…i looked forward to each Sunday when she would usher us into worship. The room, the kids, the would all fade away and I’d stand there simply in the presence of God. Wow.

Megan has taught me massive amounts about leadership and ministry. I am so glad I had the chance to work beside her for a year just watching what she did. She was the most affirming leader that i know, and that is the type of leadership I am now forming myself. I loved the way she invested in the lives of students and volunteers and coworkers. She is such an incredible leader, I could go on for weeks about this one subject.

Meg is a talker. And seriously, its one of my favorite things about her. She will talk for an hour about the fact that she did nothing that day. It is the most fascinating, intruiging conversation…i am fully engaged in what she has to say….even if its about something as simple as getting heartworm medicine for her dog. It’s one of the best things about Meg. I know that when I hang out with her, even if i’ve had a throughoughly exhausting day and dont want to say a word, we will still have a fabulous time. You think im kidding, but i absolutely love that about her.

Megan is passionate. I dont care what it is, if she has passion for it, you will too. It might be yoga. It might be giving lessons to students. It might be about the book she’s reading. It might be about the latest thing she tried to cook (and she is an amazing cook, people). It might be about generosity. It might be about a vegan lifestyle. It is most definitely about music. It might be about the new curtains she bought. It might be about a funny story when a kid chopped down her tree. It might be the new toothbrush she discovered or the way Qtips have changed her life or the need for less dairy in your life. Ok, those last few might be just exaggerations, but all im saying is that if she’s passionate about something, you will be passionate too. She is convincing. She could be a saleswoman any day. She could be a writer. She could be the best worship leader you’ve ever known. (And if you’re hiring, let me know and ill seriously pass on the word. SERIOUSLY).

Meg has a heart after God. I can’t tell you a time where I haven’t absolutely been challenged by the way she lives her life. Meg has been through some life-shattering circumstances, and yet has held onto God through it all. Her life has taught me that it is not about me. That God wants to use us, and a lot of times..if not most times…that will be hard and painful and uncomfortable. But he wants to use that for His glory. Meg’s life has given the glory to God even when her life has turned into a nightmare. I am so thankful for the work God has done in Megan, and for everything He has taught me through her. Her life makes me want to be more like Christ, makes me want to dive deeper into his Word, and run harder into the mission He’s calling me.

Meg has an awesome boyfriend. Miguel is so fun to be with and definitely has a heart after God. I love listening to Meg tell me all about her times with Miguel, and I appreciate so much when they ask me to hang out and we just all have fun without it being awkward. That doesnt happen often with couples, but it happens with them.

Meg also has the best dog man has ever known. A dog is a man’s best friend…um yeah, thats true. Because sydney is my best friend. hahaha. If sydney were a human man, i’d date him. haha. But its a female dog…so nevermind. But seriously, Syd is SO well behaved, so laid back, so gorgeous, so fun, and is so loving. Seriously, all the qualities im looking for.  

Megan is authentic. What you see is what you get. That is opposite from me. But its something I’m trying to get better at. It is not trying to figure out different levels with Meg…she shares it all. And that did throw me for a loop, to be honest. Because, as Crystal will remember, I view people as video games. You figure out the methods to crack one level, and then you have to figure out how to beat the next level. Level after level you have to figure out how to crack the code. Some people may have 3 levels..some may have 20. But eventually you will find the princess at the top of the castle, and you have found a true, deep friendship with that person. I thought Meg was the same way. But she’s not. Her princess is running all around the backyard of the castle doing cartwheels and dont have to crack any codes…you just might have to catch up with her and chase her down..haha. But its been a refreshing and new thing for me to meet someone that is the same on the outside as they are on the inside. Thats a new concept. I hope to be like that some day.

Meg loves spontenaity. Dude, and so do I. You will catch us doing the craziest things at the last minute. The night before, we will have no plans. And then suddenly the next night we’ll be chasing storms, going to IHOP at midnight, or meeting up with our good friend RedBox. Megan is someone that you just want to spend time with. You just look forward to being with her. She can turn a bad day into the best night of your life. She is most definitely a free spirit. She comes out of left field and I absolutely love it. Sometimes I will laugh so hard I can’t breathe because of some of the things she says or does. She is becoming more and more and more a free spirit. And i can not express with words how much I absolutely love it. I never knew this side of her existed until this past month. She knows how to have fun in ways i never knew were possible. She seriously brightens up my day, and i just cant help but smile when i know im going to be hanging out with her. The other night she said “ho-ho’s and hoes.” Seriously, how funny is that? I love her.

Megan is safe. But hear me out. She is the most adventurous person I know. She is bold, risky, and daring. Adventure runs in her blood. And I absolutely love that about her. But Megan is safe. And here is what i mean…I’m very much a SuperMario. (what does that mean? you ask.) It means that I have a castle built around my princess with levels, and codes, and little scary spinning turtle fire breathing things. Ok maybe not that much. But I keep my heart very guarded. And for a really long time, i let my own intimidation of Meg keep me from even letting down the bridge and letting her cross the moat. But then I began to see that she is absolutely transparent. She is genuine. She is safe. And so not only have i let her into the castle, but i’ve willingly given her the cheat codes to these levels. Meg knows me. And that can’t be said for very many other people. Does she know every level? No, not yet. But i know she will someday soon. Megan is safe to me and someone that I can let way into my life. And that is very very very rare. She has a place in my heart that a lot of people don’t. Not because I’m exclusive…just because it takes a lot to open up and be vulnerable and be completely genuine. I’m afraid of being hurt. Maybe thats sad to say. But its true. So i don’t let people in. My princess is not doing cartwheels outside. She’s locked up in the tower. Meg means so so so much to me because I have finally been able to be genuine again. I have actually let someone in and given them the ability to hurt me. But what is love without the risk of getting hurt? I can honestly say that Meg is probably my best friend, and if anyone knows me, you know that I avoid saying that word like the plague. But its true. And whether or not Meg says the same about me, I know that it remains true for me. And this one paragraph probably says more than any other.

Meg and I had a conversation about what makes a good friend. We both agreed that a good friend is one that you want to become more like. That would be true for Meg and I. There are so many things about Meg that I hope to develop in myself as I mature and grow. Whether its striving to be more like Christ in all i say and do, or to be more genuine, or to simply have so much fun and love life like she does…i want to be more like her.

Do the friends you have make you want to be a better person?


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