Does this make me an old woman?

Tonight I am officially embarking on a new adventure…attending a WOMEN’S conference. I know, right? Scary. Our church has been advertising a Beth Moore simulcast for several months now…and while i was slightly interested (only because ive heard her books are amazing)…i never told anyone of my little secret, because heaven forbid i become an old woman at the ripe ole age of 22.


But one thing led to the next and i was asked to help put together a youth ministry booth for the conference..and i was planning to do that until the weekend got too busy with our own youth ministry events and i had to back out. Well, then someone i work with knew that i wasn’t going (i wasnt planning to attend the conference anyways…just be at the booth)…but she happened to have a ticket she couldnt use, so she gave it to me.

Next thing I know, im signed up for this women’s event, and although im sure it will be great…the voices of a million chatty women outside of my office is quite terrifying. I’m staying in here for as long as possible until i have to go out and face all of the estrogen. I mean, im all about girl power…but hundreds of women probably double my age?….that is scary.

But truth be told, secretly i think it will be amazing and im excited for what i will experience tonight. I have no idea what to expect, really. I just keep thinking about my mom and how she always went to women’s conferences….i just think of women of faith or something like that with tons of women all bawling like babies with kleenex’s in hand. Oh man, I think i’m becoming an adult. I think im going to go puke.

It could potentially be a great night….or one great night of comedy. I’ll let you know. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Does this make me an old woman?

  1. Hey Miss Angie! I was so glad to read you were able to go to Beth Moore’s event. I have done 6 of her Bible studies so far, very challenging!, and I have grown so much in my walk with God through her teaching. She’s a little hyper, but she is definitely gifted in teaching scripture accurately and I pray you will gain such a desire to grow in your walk with God through attending her conference. I recommend any of her studies…I particularly like the one on the Fruits of the Spirit! Take care dear Angie…I pray for you always to have the strength, patience, and wisdom to help lead the youth to know, love and follow Christ more closely!

    Love you!

  2. That is rad. I hope that it was refreshing actually…the discussion and the embrace of woman. There is nothing quite like being loved by a mom, daughter, sister, aunt….I hope the conference gave you some wonderful insights.

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