Learning to Lead

Tonight was the first night of “CampGroups” for our high schoolers. “What is CampGroups?” you ask? Well let me tell you. CampGroups is a small-group formatted program that starts after Camp and runs until school starts. Its a good transition between camp and LifeGroups and the hope is that it equips our students to face the new school year with a solid community and a grounded faith. We don’t want the “crash and burn” effect to happen to our students post-camp.

CampGroups was my first program to lead entirely on my own. Minus the one detail that i did not actually come up with the concept, I lead all aspects of this program this year…start to finish. Leaders recruiting, planning and executing the leader meeting, promo, welcoming the students and sending them off to their groups, writing the curriculum, and making sure all the kids are out of the building by the time i leave. ūüôā

Seriously, its been¬†an exciting thing to actually¬†spearhead a program like this. Welcome to leadership, i guess. woah weird. There’s so much to learn about leadership….so much i still need to learn too!!! SO SO much. I am still humbled that i get to do this. Wow…the fact that God¬†trusted this¬†position to me…it blows me away….and its quite scary sometimes. Leadership is such a huge responsibility, but i feel blessed to be given the chance. Learning how to lead is so difficult….

But whats funny is that my¬†counselor and I are actually discussing what it means to “learn to¬†follow…”¬†Hmm, now thats¬†a concept, huh? I think that may be even more difficult….¬†


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