I just wonder…

…when i am 75, will I think highly of this time in my life, or will i be full of regrets? As I sat down to write this, I didn’t have much on my mind except the looming “list” that I just finished writing out…

“Tonight’s To-Do List: design work for friends. freelance work. cleaning the apartment. finishing a huge project for work. going to the store to buy some Tylenol PM.”

And then I happened to land on one of the blogs in my blog reader and I stopped in my tracks. Check out the blog here. You see, the blog entry was in the form of letter written to a friend who just died of cancer today. The letter went on to thank his friend about the great lessons she taught him, about the inspiration she was while fighting cancer yet still doing missions trips and serving and enjoying life, about the legacy she will leave behind, about the joy she was to her friends and family in everything they did. And I just couldnt help but think….

What does my life consist of? Is it one that people will consider a blessing to others? Filled with joy? Am I living life to the full?

Or am i a robot that is constantly working, constantly producing, constantly going going going…refueling not with sleep or fun or relationships but with coffee, diet coke, and more work?

I dont want to be at the end of my life and wish i had done things differently.


5 thoughts on “I just wonder…

  1. Am I a blessing to others? That is a superb question, and I believe it is the key to life. If we lived everyday striving to be a blessing to other, in the name of God and for His glory, we would get life right!

  2. I ask myself that same question all the time too. I don’t know what the answers are…but Ang, looking in, you are doing a supurb job. You are loving and leading. You are striving to do right by the people around you. And by being one of those people on the receiving end of your giving, I can say that you have made a difference. You are an amazing person and I am honored to know you.

  3. There is a song called Pushing Up Daisies and the chorus says:

    There’s two dates in time
    That they’ll carve on your stone
    And everyone knows what they mean
    What’s more important
    Is the time that is known
    In that little dash there in between
    That little dash there in between

    You define who you are…

  4. HI, well let me say you have left footprint’s in many ways,last week I was in the ( quietroom) and picked up a little book that was on the stand started reading and there was a card you had made for me in along time ago, wow I just cried and then SMILED thinking of you and all you are .GOD BLESS you always.

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