life lesson #394

There will always be more that needs to be done. If there wasn’t, i’d be out of a job. But let the job remain as the job. Don’t let it become the life.

There will always be busy weeks with hopes of a less-busy “next week.” Those “next weeks” never seem to come. Enjoy THIS week, so I can enjoy NEXT WEEK as well.

There will always be opportunities to forgo “relaxation” or “spontenaity” because of the inevitable “list” looming above my head. Don’t let those moments pass me by.

Work before play. But i must not forget to play.

I must set boundaries. I must avoid the burnout that I feel is slowly taking me over. I am feeling crispier than a burnt piece of toast. I must rest. I must have a Sabbath. I must work my hardest, but realize that I will never accomplish it all at once. And i have to be okay with that. And thats a hard lesson to learn.


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