public disclaimer

I thought i needed to clear the air since several people sounded very worried by my last post. First off, no…i have not stopped blogging forever. what i meant when i said “this is probably my last post” is that it would be my last camp post. Second, no…i was not reprimanded, but was given some good advice from a really close friend to be careful what i say. after more discussion with her, the things i had to say were more serious than i really intended….goes to show that your judgement is impaired when you dont have enough sleep and are posting things at 2 in the morning. But no, i didnt get reprimanded in any capacity, but had it been on there longer, probably could have and should have been. Which is why i took it off. Third, I do want to apologize for the people who did read through those posts. They were definitely my own thoughts and feelings, not anyone else’s. And quite frankly, im sure many of them were inaccurate, skewed, or down right false….simply my OWN feelings. But i also should have been wise enough to know not to post those types of things. It is not mature, and it is not godly. Sometimes, the only one we can go to with those kinds of feelings is God…and only God. Not the whole world. Not even our best friend.

We are called represent Christ in all we do. I’m the first to admit im still figuring that out.

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